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Question asked by Peter Leeson 9 years ago

The most annoying feature about ClearBooks for me is the amount of scrolling required. I get the feeling that none of the standard screens were designed based on a normal computer screen size. While the top third of the screen is taken up by large banners, such as the name and contact of my accountant, or the ClearBooks logo, every entry requires me to scroll down to the next screen. I feel particularly frustrated that the long time customers (who signed on before 2013) are required to scroll down to the next page to log on, as second class citizens, we sit at the back of the bus.
How about moving some of the menu items to the largely unused side of the screen and using the screen more efficiently?

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Hello Peter,
Thank you for your suggestion and ideas, the design and development team is currently re-opening the project to improve the usability of the application in terms for the layout to improve the workflow and tweak the interface to make the system easier to work with. You'll see the application interface improve in the next couple of months, particularly with the navigation as you pointed out.

Your idea for the side navigation is an interesting one, and one have have tested out in the past. As it as such a drastic difference to what old users were use to the original design of Clear Books we suffered a massive backlash when we first introduced Open Payroll which utilised this approach. It is certainly a good idea to maximise the use of space, but not one majority of our users are ready for.

Hopefully when we start thinking about making the application mobile friendly and flexible for more different types of screens, we can better address the issue. This will take a lot of design and development time, so we hope you can be patient with us. Thanks again for the comment.

I also find the scrolling incredibly annoying. My (hopefully) temporary solution is to zoom as far out of the webpage as I can while still being able to make out the text comfortably. It's definitely better than constantly scrolling up and down.

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