How Do I Record Multiple Small Cash Payments

Question asked by Stuart Woolger 9 years ago

Hopefully this will be an easy one, I've had a search but not sure what terminology I should be searching for!!

Up until now my business has simply raised a few invoices a month, sent them via email and the payments have been transferred into my account by the customer. Job done!

Soon I will, on occasion, be taking multiple cash payments for items at a craft fair.

How do I record these payments, is it just a total amount for the day\week?

Where in Clearbooks do I record this?

Do I need to issue receipts via Clearbooks?

Many thanks


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Hi Stuart,

It's best to create a cash account (by clicking on the add account button) on the Money>Bank accounts menu. You can then record any cash sales for the day/week (you can combine them all as one amount) as money in transactions on the Money>Bank accounts menu. The guide below best demonstrates this:

When you pay cash into your account you can transfer from your cash account to your business account as shown below:

Thanks John, my further readings had made me think that was the way to do it, thanks for the confirmation and links.

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