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Question asked by Jack Orton 8 years ago

If I create an invoice directly from a quote it links the invoice to that quote which is very useful when looking back over old orders.

Is there a way to do the following things:

  1. Link existing quotes to existing invoices?

  2. Link more than 1 quote to an invoice?

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Hello Jack,

When you convert a quote to an invoice, the information will be shown in the "reference" box for the invoice. The demo account does the same thing were a quote converted to an invoice will put the quote information into the reference.

You can put the QTE in the reference box for existing ones. However, for the multiple quotes on one invoice will not work as the reference will be long if there are more than 2. I would suggest you put this information into the summary box or the notes for the invoice. The summary box will show up for customers but the notes will not appear for customers to view.

Hope this helps,


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