Director's Loan and Available Funds

Question asked by Edward Coleridge Smith 8 years ago

I have setup a Director's Loan account and paid money into my main bank account using the steps detailed in this tutorial:

However the money transferred from the loan account isn't showing up in my 'Available Funds' on my dashboard. I am worried that when I pay back the loan the 'Available Funds' will show a lower value than it should.

Have I misunderstood what the 'Available Funds' section is showing or have I missed out a step somewhere aong the lines?

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Hello Edward,

I can see on your dashboard that the available funds is negative and is the correct balance.

The issue is that the dashboard seems to take the information at the end of the day which I have passed onto the development team as I should be instant.

Your true position would best be used on the Money > Bank Accounts pages.

You have done all the steps correctly so there is no error in your input.

Let me know if you need further help.


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