Are there any Dutch users of CB?

Question asked by Michiel Haverlag 11 years ago

Dear readers,

I was wondering if there are any users from The Netherlands. I'm investigating if the CB system has enough flexibility in the set-up to use this as a Dutch company.

I would really like to get in touch with any Dutch users to talk and discuss about their usage and other experiences.

It seems like the CB system gives the end user enough options to turn on or off. Although if there are some hard-coded options that only work for UK users, it could cause a big challenge for us.

For example:
The VAT rates. Is there a page where I can change the VAT rates manually? CB has the option "Manually", but this means "Manual input". I'd rather have a field where I can give a 21% VAT rate that automatically calculates the % based on the input.

Many thanks and looking forward to meet some Dutch users over here!

  • Michiel from Amsterdam

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Hi Michiel,

Head to Settings > Organisation > Tax and click on the Manage VAT schemes link. Delete the standard VAT scheme you have in place at the moment and add a new custom GST scheme for the same period.

Once you have created this scheme a new menu option will be available to Settings > Sales tax. You can add in as many custom tax rates as you like - these will appear when creating a new sales invoice instead of the standard UK 20%, 17.5% etc.

Hope that helps!

Hi John,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

This works - I think. Although. I must say these pages were quite hidden in the system.

In the NL we've 21% VAT. But sometimes 6% as well. I can't add multiple VAT values at the Manage VAT schemes link. I get this error. Am I doing something wrong?

"The from date must be a day after the previous close date"

I think it's still not very clear or I just don't get it.

  • Michiel

Just add one line on the Manage VAT schemes link with the 21% VAT rate. Once this is complete, head to Settings > Sales tax. Here you can add the additional 6% tax rate and any others that you need.

Dear John,

I'm able to add another tax rate, but... I can't have two tax rates for the same period. So;

  • 21% is from 1 jan 2014 until 31 dec 2014
  • The 6% rate I must set on 1 jan 2015 until 31 dec 2014

    As we've multiple tax levels in the Netherlands (21% tax, normal costs) and for example 6% on F&B. What are the consequences if I'm setting the taxes like this? What is the exact reason I need to use / set periods?

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