When explaining bank transactions, why are we offered a random selection of recent transactions?

Question asked by Martin Pollard 7 years ago

When I want to explain a payment received, Clear Books offers me a list of possible unpaid invoices to allocate it against. But the selection seems random, and does not include the actual relevant invoice (i.e. the one that is for the exact right amount of money)!

Why doesn't the system first list any unpaid invoices that are for that exact amount?

Clear Books admin - if you want to check this, I was trying to explain a receipt of £220.70 on imported statement ID 5. You'll see that invoice #000011 is for that amount.

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Hi Martin, The reason for this is that it shows the most recent transactions from all suppliers. So that's why the list may look random. In the Money > Import Tool > Import section there is a drop down which says 'To'. If you select a specific supplier it will list all the transactions with them and this will show the ones you cannot currently see.



I see - thanks, Chris.

But I would add that my suggestion would still be helpful - i.e. if the system could pick up that an amount of £220.70 needed to be explained, and put an unpaid invoice of £220.70 as the first suggestion. This would cut out the extra step of selecting the customer first.

Many thanks

I understand. Having another way to order them is an interesting idea and would negate the need for the extra step. If this idea is supported we can see about adding it at some point in the future.

Even if the matching by amount capability is not implemented, would it not be more logical to display the oldest transactions for each supplier rather than the most recent, as in most cases they would be paid in the order received.



Hi Gordon, Certainly, the idea of ordering the unpaid invoices by different criteria sounds doable. It could be just a case of clicking on the various column headings, e.g. date to reverse the order.Similarly, you could do it by amount to have the values in size order. If you submit the idea our developers may be able to consider doing something with this.



I tend to agree with this, it also doesn't bring up a long enough list either (for example a supplier you're using 50 times a month) but i'm told this is being worked on.

I'd like to see the full list of outstanding invoices made available on a scrollable list rather than the limited number at present

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