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Question asked by Cassandra Tongue 7 years ago

Hi. Can't find a support guide for this element of payroll - last month paid an employee who since has left (not due any further pay). This month's payroll how do I notify HMRC that he's left? When I change the employee to have a leaving date, it doesn't provide an ability to make a submission? Help! Cass

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Hello Cassandra,

You will be able to complete the Leaver dates as usual.

When you do this, there will be data in the FPS submission to state the leaver.

The P45 can be found manually on the Home page of the Open Payroll module. It will be next to the employee which has left.

The automatic information is sent via RTI through the FPS submission. There is no need to give HMRC the P45. The P45 is for the employee when they leave.


Hi Put in the leaver dates, but not showing in the FPS? It actually states 0 starters and 0 leavers! Cass

Hello Cassandra,

Please can you undo the payroll for that employee and then redo the payroll. You will need to submit a new FPS.

At the bottom of the FPS submission page, there will be a reason for the late submission and you will choose Correction to earlier submission.

This will submit the information to HMRC to state that the employee has left your business.

The reason it does not show up in July is because the leaving date is the 30th of June. It should be included in the June FPS submissions as the payroll months run from the 6th of the month to the 5th of the following.


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