How to merge 2 reporting periods

Question asked by Alex Redmond 8 years ago

For various reasons, I have a 3 month reporting period and a 9 month period. I now need to merge these. What is the best way to do this? I can see how to add a reporting period but not edit one.

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Delete the two, add the new one, job done.

Playing around with the period dates does nothing to the transactions within them.

Wow, it worked. Thanks Kevin.

Only problem is that one of the accounting periods 'cannot be deleted' because it is the first accounting period (even though chronologically this is not the case).

Hello Alex,

You will need to remove all the periods so far in order to edit the first one.

Don't worry though, the system will not remove the transactions, just the periods.

Please add the relevant periods back on once you have you correct accounting dates.


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