Trying to import a bank CSV file, but failing miserably!

Question asked by Thomas Salvini 7 years ago


I have tried multiple modifications to the CSV file, including title changes, date types (dd/mm/yyyy), adding double quotes around text etc and it fails each time.

Please can you give a specification of what it needs to look like? Also, what does changing the payment method do? I don't understand that. If I am importing transactions from my bank do I just set it to bank transfer.



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Hi Thomas

So long as it's in csv and there's no existing 'mapping' setup it should be fine. What error msg are you getting?

As for the payment method bit, it's only there for informational purposes so you can leave it blank if you like - I do.

Thanks for the help, the email gave me the info I needed.

The key thing missing on the website is the format/headings of the CSV file. I couldn't find an example with the actual headings. My bank exports payments and credits in the same column.



Hi i have the same problem with paypal statements - I really cant work out which mapping headings refer to which columns on the statement (or whether to use the single column with all the details in the same column)

Did you ever get a response to the above?

Hi Nel

You'd be much better off using the auto feed for PayPal, pulls everything in automatically on a daily basis.

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