New VAT rules for e-services 1 January - who will be affected?

Question asked by Paul Scholes 8 years ago

A question for the community as a whole.

Wondering how many will have to cope with the new rules that come in next year, whereby anyone (whether UK VAT registered or not) providing Broadcasting, Telecoms or e-services to people (not businesses) in the EU will have to charge them the VAT rate applicable to their country and submit separate a separate VAT return, or returns? More details:

For the majority of small businesses I would imagine it's the e-services that will be caught, ie where you provide something that does something for someone else automatically, without you getting involved, for example sale & download of apps or, just like Clear Books, provides online services.

Thanks in advance for any comments, even if full of shock & horror.

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Thanks, Paul.

That's an interesting point. i wonder what other Community members feel about this issue too.

Many Thanks


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