Reconciling paid invoice with a receipt on an imported statement

Question asked by John Quirke 8 years ago


The advice in:

Is great until you have multiple invoices against the payment and you have been either under or overpaid. When that happens, the system just seems to kick you back to the import tool screen so that you can continue going around the houses.... Can anybody advise me on what I might be doing wrong?


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Hi John

To the best of my knowledge the system can't handle what you're hoping for it to do. Providing you're happy that the amount on the imported bank statement does indeed match the various amounts you've already added by paying off invoices, you simply need to delete the transaction off the imported statement by clicking the red X on the right hand side.

You'll then need to manually reconcile the transactions by using these instructions

Thanks Kevin,

I'll look into this. I had convinced myself that I had got this to work before but I spent so much time of ver this that I lost track what I was doing!



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