Writing off odd pennies on sales ledger accounts.

Question asked by Martin Lee 8 years ago

Hi all

how would I go about writing off odd pennies on accounts? I am told I have to add a credit note & allocate (which is quite tricky as it is)

this seems a bit long winded, surely a simple journal function would be easier.

can someone explain if I am missing a trick here (new to clearbooks)

thanks in advance

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Go into the invoice in question, scroll to the bottom left, options, credit note.

Posting from my mobile so can't remember the exact headings but that's the gist of it, much quicker than using journals.

thanks Kevin, will try that, thanks for the advice!

Hi Kevin... I'm trying to do the same thing. But I can't see the options when I go to the invoice. Any Ideas?

Hmmm....is it a standard invoice or something obscure?

a standard invoice...


I think it's the CIS element that's making it obscure.

Create a 1p credit note then apply that like you normally would.

ok that works... i'll do it that way in future. Thank you

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