Back dating VAT registration

Question asked by Alistair Wood 8 years ago

I currently have a vat registration going through and this will also hopefully be back dated. If it goes through 6 months in the past, what will happen to all the previously entered invoices and the associated vat.

For example will they be included on the first vat return?

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Hi Alistair,

Back dating your VAT scheme will not change or update already entered invoices. You would have to go into each one and click edit and update to get them to display the VAT.

Many Thanks


Hi Chris

Just to make sure I understand, if I had entered them with VAT at the time I would still have to do this and the act of editing the Invoice will then trigger it to appear in the vat return?

NB I am talking about purchase invoices as the actual supplies the business makes are either at 0% or exempt as a Property Development Company so this is to enable reclaiming of Input vat.

Hi Alistair,

If you want them to display a different VAT rate/treatment form that which was originally entered then this is the only way to do it.


Hi Chris

Thanks, it sounds like I am ok then as I am currently entering them with the input vat way I want it handled, I just don't have the vat registration number yet so can't actually process a vat return until I get that but trying to get everything right now so I don't have to go back and rework it all when I do.


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