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Question asked by Rachael POTTER 6 years ago

Hi can anyone help me please. i have a supplier who has 3 weeks ago credited back via my debit card into my bank £168. I am still awaiting the VAT credit note in the post to tell me which of 2 credits I am expecting he has give me (and have chased it up). How do I put this credit onto my suppliers ledger. when I try to do a money in refund it posts a credit back to my p&l and won't leave it as a refund unallocated on the supplier ledger. I cannot put it on the P&L as i don't know which nominal/job to credit or the VAT tax point,

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Do Money In > Refund but set the nominal to trade creditors instead of the P&L.

The payment will then sit within Money > Unallocated Cash until you know what to do with it.

Note - you may need to go into Settings > Codes and tick the 'show in purchases' box next to trade creditors.

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