Explaining purchases from a supplier that is NOT registered for VAT.

Question asked by Gregg Temperley 7 years ago

Hi I am explaining a purchase from a supplier who is not VAT registered. On the “explain payment” screen there are two drop down boxes concerning VAT. The first is “VAT RATE” the second is “VAT Treatment”.
To comply with HMRC I need to ensure this purchase appears on my VAT return under box 7 (total supplies net of VAT). However I also need to ensure I record supply without any VAT.

Could anyone confirm that If I should select 0% under the “VAT RATE” and “Goods or services from a UK supplier” under the “VAT treatment” menu that this will show on my vat report?

Regards Gregg

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Hi Gregg,

I can confirm that selecting the VAT rate as 0% and the VAT treatment as Goods or services from a UK supplier will ensure that it still shows on your VAT report in box 7, as I have tried this on our test account and it allowed me to do this very request above.

All the best,


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