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Question asked by JOSE MARIA GARRIDO DIAZ 7 years ago


From the 1st of January this new rule applies to charge the VAT depending on the country of residence of the buyer.

We use the paypal import tool to automate the process of data entry, how is this going to work? theres only 11 days left and I do not see the option to choose the country in the Explain receipt form.

I am really concerned about all this issue about the VAT.

If its of some help for others this blog post explains all pretty good:

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Hello Jose,

This feature is enabled for the treatments, the submission for the first VAT MOSS is not due until the end of March. We will have the submission process ready for that deadline.

To get to the treatments, you will need to ensure the following.

  1. The customer and supplier invoicing/billing address is entered correctly. Eg the country is chosen.
  2. You have turned on the toggle feature EC and Reverse Charges (

Doing this will give you the digital treatments. However, treatments which are not relevant will be omitted from that list. This is because of point number (1) above. The country needs to be set.

When you are looking at the PayPal import side, just turning on the feature will enable the VAT Treatment options for you. It will look to the image below.


Let me know if that helps.


Sounds good.

But paypal will provide the country or do I need to provide it to paypal first?

I am a bit lost on this and quite scared if we need to adapt our software for proper billing.

Hello Jose,

PayPal will not provide the customer information, you will need to make sure that these are entered once you have created the customer/supplier.

The full treatments are available from the explanation screen to counteract this problem in case they are a new customer.


But then In each import I need to check each customers country?

The thing is that in my cart currently we do not do any VAT Check. Once we do this, we need to go manually to clearbooks each of the imports to select the country?

In this case is not better we do an API integration an add each invoice directly into clearbooks with the correct data?

Hello Jose,

Sorry for the delay in the response.

Yes, you will need to ensure that any customer you add onto the system has a country assigned to it.

There was an adjustment made recently where you can choose the VAT treatment without the customer having a country assigned.


Hello Vanish,

Its quite inconvenient actually, this mean I will need to review each of the imports from paypal and check the invoice generated in our APP to add it at clearbooks?

Any way will be easier using an API maybe?

Hello Jose,

If the customer has their VAT treatment chosen, then when you go to explain any transaction from any import, the system will take that default.

So, if the customer has a default of Services from EU Supplier, the system will take that when you are on the explain screen for your PayPal import.

This will override the country requirement.

The API can be used to update the customer or supplier details but you will need to either know the entity ID or use the API to automatically.


but this is not a real solution.

So we do micro sales of software of $1, I need to add all the customers manually into the system? if I have 100.000 sales I need to add 1 by 1?

Why? I lose more money doing that than what I earn doesnt make sense....

Please tihnk in a solution since thats not sustainable if not we will need to do it another way.

sorry misunderstood.

But still I will need to go import by import and check if that customer had VAT charged and how much...correct?

Also I cant see the VAT treatment in the explain transaction tool....when is going to be available?

Hello Jose,

The treatment option is available now, you need to make sure you have enabled the Reverse Charge and EC rates toggle feature.

For the sales, you can make a generic customer to allocate the money received against.

The createPayment API can be used for that.

That link above should help with the APIs that we have.


I do not have that features on my account. Maybe is something my accountant needs to switch on?

Also the API...any usage examples? :O

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