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Question asked by Stanley Nykamp 7 years ago


I have attached a PDF file to an invoice as backup documentation but don't have sight of it, even when I email my customer is doesn't seem to appear for perusal or printing on his email. The question is: where do I find it after uploading and how is it generally used in practice?

Cheers Derek

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When you go to Sales > Invoices > All, you can see any attachments on an invoice by clicking on the paper clip icon under the status column. Please view screenshot for illustration:


I believe there is an issue with emailing invoice's with attachments, as I tried replicating this on the test account and it wasn't appearing on the email. Therefore, I will need to escalate this with the development team on Monday to investigate this further. However, you can still upload attachments to emails albeit from the email page.

I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience.



Hi Shaz I look forward to the fix. Cheers Derek

Hi, Has there been a fix for this issue yet? John

Hi John,

The attachments you upload to an invoice are not currently emailed


However, you can attach files separately when emailing an invoice:


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