Automatic Payrolls?

Question asked by Andrius Jankevicius 8 years ago


Is it implemented already or not yet - automatic payroll?

For example:

  • I would like to pay an employee X an amount of £1000 per month.
  • I would like employee Y to be paid £950 per month.
  • I would like the payments to be processed every 28th of the month and the payments are the same always until I login to the system and change them.

Is there a possibility to set this up in the system so that every 28th of the month I would receive an email with the generated payslips attached and providing the amounts I need to pay to each employee as well as the tax calculated and how much I would need to pay HMRC? Also it would be nice to be able to automatically submit (RTI?) the information to HMRC.

Kind Regards, Andrius

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Hi Andrius,

Unfortunately Clear Books does not currently offer this facility. At the moment you have to process the payroll for each employee manually per month. The system will remember all the basic figures and calculate things based on previous pay, however you still have to go through the process of manually processing for yourself.

If you would like to see this feature added then please do add it to the Ideas section here on Community.


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