Trying to createpayment using API

Question asked by Chris Armour 8 years ago

I'm trying to create payment using CreatePayment API.

The document says all the fields in the API are optional, but when I try to create the payment it asks me all the fields.


I'm stuck at this error "Error validating field 'bankAccount': bankAccount does not exist."

First is it should not ask me bank account number, if I don't pass it throws error, Though I'm providing the correct bank account number it still throws the same error.

Any help would be appreciated on this.




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Hello Anish,

Please can you look at the link below.

This has a more comprehensive API structure for you to use.

The bank account ID is not the account number but the code for that account code. The account code can be found in the URL and usually always starts with 7501XXX. Note that a directors loan account is a different account code and starts with 8501.


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