Feature request : Mass update for transfers

Idea suggested by Mark Fulford 6 years ago

Feature request: Mass update for transfers, same as mass update for transactions.

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Thanks Mark, That is a very good idea and one which I am sure others will support. Once the developers have finished with major projects like Final Accounts they will be able to move onto looking at issues such as this.



Hi. I have just set up mass updates for transfers for a client and it seems to have worked fine.

Regards David Hasley

Any news on this guys? We've just taken on a new client with circa 3000 bank transactions to explain, a good 1000 of which are transfers. We've been sitting here for the past couple of hours just clicking the transfer button, it's such a waste but we (I) refuse to use the mass update feature as it'll just create a load of REC/PAY's that clog up the sales/purchase list.

Please try pushing this up the list of crowd pleasers, it gets asked for lots and has requests going back over 4 yrs now (https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/ideas/437/mass-updates-on-transfers)

Another request for this feature from me. Seems like not a difficult one to implement?


Famous last words i'm afraid Keith, I was with them the other day and got quite rightly heckled in front of a small group when saying the same thing!

Well good thing we are both up way too early on a Sunday morning. There's a lot of clicking to do!!

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