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Idea suggested by Stephen Rippingale-Peters 12 years ago


I know I can see a total of what is currently owed by each Client, and Indeed what I owe to each supplier, but it would be handy to be able to set a credit limit, and maybe get an email warning when my Client is nearing a credit limit, so that I dont accidentally go over and increase my risk.

In the same way, it would be handy to know when I am reaching a credit limit with a supplier, so that I know to pay down any invoices to ensure I dont get an account stop.

With many Clients and different limits for them, its almost impossible to keep track just by looking at what is owed in total invoice value.

Also, if the Clients credit position changes, then we can update the credit limit and where negative, increase collection efforts in order to avoid bad debts.

Not a difficult include, I would imagine.

Also, I know you supply companies house data, but you may also want to look at this:

its a site we use in our investigations, and provides a lot of information for free. They are soon releasing an API. It will probably provide a lot more data than companies house.



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Customer Credit Limits : On each customer it is possible to set a credit limit. And if the customer invoices exceeds the credit limit an indication or email is displayed or sent to the admin. Then the account is put on stop untill payment is made or Admin changes limit.

Credit Limits for customers : Set a monetary credit limit for my customers

Credit Limits : Set monetary credit limits for customers

Can we combine the 4 threads on adding a Credit Limit in to one? : There are 4 ideas for this - all mostly the same. Can they be combined so the votes all count to the same idea?

Hi James - we've merged all the credit limit threads together. Please vote up the idea!

This is a great idea, are there any plans to implement it?


This has yet to be implemented. Currently we are working on Final Accounts which is taking up much of our efforts, after which we will review the ideas on Community. Please keep an eye out for further developments.



I was unaware this was originally suggested over 3 years ago - surely this has to be implemented soon - this is a solid idea that would increase functionality.

Wow, I look back and see that three years has gone since I last asked about credit limits. What's up fellas, need more time?

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