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Idea suggested by Ben Gordon 8 years ago

As you have not implemented a full API to RB can you tell me if this is ever going to happen as so much of the functionality in RB is lost and this makes the whole process so much longer and to some degree not worth the effort.

We have structured our process as a company with remote staff on RB capabilities and the CB import leaves half of the information including projects out of the equation. If one is going to offer these add ons it seems to me it should be comprehensive.

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Hi Ben,

I will forward this on to the developer who set up the integration with RB to review. Is it just the matching of projects, or are there any other features that are missing?

There are many features missing as you do not allow pushing of data from receipt bank only pulling, as you can only select a company in CB for the destination and not the origin it means that if you have allocated an expense to companies in RB they all get imported to the same company, there is a work round but it wastes time

It would be good to know the restrictions on integration with Receipt Bank, MailChimp and the other "integrated" third party products

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