Payroll: Improvement to timing of payslip emails

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

As per - Chris has just said payslips are email out at 9am each morning.

As the payroll is sometimes processed on payday itself (usually after 9am) it would be handy to have a more frequent email run - or at least a second run at say 5pm or something to cater for anything that didn't go out at 9am.

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Can I ask if this is on the roadmap whilst the other payroll dev bits are being done? It's a royal pain if truth be told.

Hi Kevin,

I'm sorry to say this wasn't on the roadmap of improvements. But I have brought it to the attention of the team working on them and they have said they'll take a look at it and see what can be done. The current push on Payroll is coming to end soon, as the next focus is improving performance and system response time. But they agreed that this, along with the idea you posted today, are both very good ideas and will be taken into consideration for the next review. As always, I will keep you informed of any developments.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you better news!

All the best,


Rubbish but no worries, thanks for the feedback.

As an aside, once you click on the 'amil P60 button, when does that get emailed out? Immediately or the following day at 9am ish?

'email P60 button'

New idea for the devs - let us edit comments! ;-)

As one of the end users that this affects, I think we need this. I run a payroll of between 7 and 20 staff each month, and I do it manually at about lunch time on payday - When we get new staff members, I get at least one call from each of them in panic because their wages haven't gone in.. To get around it, I use the less than ideal work-around of setting payday to be a day later than the actual day we pay them, which leads to the more anal members of our team to initially moan about not getting pay slips - as if we are trying to hide something.

Hi Kevin,

P60's get emailed out immediately, when you use that button. I believe the dev's are aware of the edit capability request :-)

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your comment. This is being reviewed for implementation by the team, so as soon as I get any news on progress I will post an update. But I can totally understand the frustration it can cause for both you and your clients, not being able to email payslips more than once a day.

All the best,


Must stress my frustration again this morning guys.

1 payslip says it went out yesterday - not received. 39 payslips should've gone out at 9ish this morn and so far are still sitting there, 2 employees have already called asking why they haven't been received. Overzealous yes but when they're told payslips will be there by 9am I don't see why they shouldn't grumble.

Natasha is already kindly dealing with the query itself i'm just venting my frustration that a cloud payroll provider makes the emailing of payslips so limiting.

I had the same last week when you ran our payroll Kevin. A couple of staff grumbled because they'd not had their payslips when promised. Not the end of the world with a payroll our size, but one more thing I had to deal with.

There was some kind of backlog last week which they finally cleared by the weekend. Natasha's been great with her feedback and everything was supposed to be fine for today but it's clearly not.

Second time in three months this company haven't received their payslips on time, leaves us looking like a bunch of incompetent wally's simply trying to lay the blame on the software company.

Has it got to the stage that Clearbooks have simply gotten too big for their server? In a modern world, emails shouldn't be queuing for more than a couple of minutes. Maybe time for some tech upgrades :)

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