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Idea suggested by Alec MacKendrick 7 years ago


We have two directors.

They each have 50 dividends. One has type A shares and one has type B shares.

This allows us to pay them different dividend sums.

There doesn't seem to be an option in the new dividends calculator to let me assign different share types to different people.

Please could you arrange it so that this is possible?



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Hi Alec,

This is something we will consider adding in future if it gains more support. For the time being I will update this as a new idea for other customers to vote on.

Hi Michal

Our developers focus now is mainly on improving the speed of the product and fixing some of the functionalities in the system. I will raise this again with the developers to see if we can add it as a new feature. It has the backing of Kevin and Paul who are our key users of the system.

Best regards


Any news on this from 5 years ago?

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