Default contact name & email when a Partner sets up a new client

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 9 years ago

When a Partner sets up a new client the contact name and email always defaults to that of the Partner - this shouldn't happen.

Subsequently, if not removed, it allows the new client to email directly from the email address of the Partner without any prior warning or further approval needed. This recently happened with a new client of mine who has been emailing out his invoices using my email address.

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Ditto Kevin

When I was setting up the client, and before I'd introduced the client's director to Clear Books, I changed my email address to his and he immediately got an email to say that one of his employees had authorised Clear Books to use his email address to send out invoices.

Not only had he no idea what it was all about but he has no employees and so was bemused.

I have requested that the email address on setup is not auto completed and that if an email address is not subsequently entered the system warns that no return email address has been set when someone first goes to send an email from the system.

Do you think that would work?

Cheers Paul

PS: The above is noted in my current setup checklist, did I give you a copy?

Yeah sounds good, anything so long as it doesn't pre-populate our email addresses and basically give the client authority to use them.

No copy of checklist but i'd have to reply to ppl's emails first to warrant stuff like that ;-)

Good to have you back, hope you enjoyed the break...

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