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Idea suggested by Ade Rishman Adebayo 12 years ago

At present there is only an option to specify a set number of days for credits terms for a supplier/customer i.e. 7 days, 14 days.... However there is not the option to apply a month end credit term.

So many companies offer month end terms I believe this added feature would be useful for many as a default setting in a client/supplier's details because at present when dealing with these transactions I have to manually adjust the due date on import.

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I see this was posted 2 years ago. It's a great idea and really should be looked at ASAP

Having used Quick Books with all these features already built in these simple but fundamentals must be implemented asap

Yes I agree. Clear books has saved me so much time, however I believe this feature should be developed ASAP!

Xero offers a range of supplier payment terms: End of calendar month nth day of month ... not that I'm extolling Xero - we tried it and left because of poor support.

Our Development team are working on many new features, improvements and other developer tasks for Clear Books. We like this feature idea but sadly we can't promise when a certain idea can be implemented.

All other major player in the accounting software industry have implemented this as a mater of course it is a fundamental for managing your companies financials, and it can't be that difficult to implement so lets not get the brush off come one get on with it

Payment due on the nth day of the month is a pretty standard payment term used by many companies and sadly this is an obvious omission from Clearbooks. It is especially useful when using recurring invoices which of course are issued on the same day each month but due to the different number of days in each month, the payment due dates are then calculated to be different each month.

Please consider for implementation.

This was first posted by me four years ago now and still no action....what is going on?

Any update here? Very minor and basic feature!!! Now suggested over five years ago......

What a shame this hasn't been implemented! This causes us many issues when the sales team forget to manually change the due date to end of month (because the EOM terms function isn't available), then credit control team chase up "Overdue" payment and is embarrassing when it is our due date that is wrong, and customer invoices aren't even due yet.. Please can this be implemented?

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