Explaining credit card transactions with attachments

Idea suggested by Dana Turner 7 years ago

It'd be very useful if when explaining credit card transactions by adding new bills, I was able to attach invoices/scans of receipts by dragging them onto the screen. It'd also help if there was an option to add a bill in a different currency from within the import tool.

On a different note, viewing attachments to existing bills/invoices could be made easier. At the moment you have to click the attachment and then the PDF icon on the next screen. The system should allow you to view it in just one click.

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Hi Dana,

Thanks for posting this. Would this be when you are explaining a transaction from an imported statement or when you are allocating it to an invoice? When you say add a bill from within the import tool, how do you mean, please?

Thanks for pointing out the PDF thing, I'll be certain to pass that on for you.


Hi Chris,

Sorry for not explaining it very well! I'm talking about explaining a transaction from an imported statement when there is no invoice/bill to allocate the transaction to and a bill is created on clicking 'add transaction'. I've attached a screenshot of the form I'm referring to.

Hope this makes it clearer.

Many thanks, Dana


Oh, now I see, Dana. Yes, that makes sense. Explaining > Making an invoice & attaching all in one go would be a much shorter process for those examples where no invoice exists.

Thanks for clarifying,


Hi Chris,

Exactly:-) At the moment you have to create an invoice/bill, look it up and attach the receipt to it, which is quite a lengthy process.

Kind regards,


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