Revaluation of foreign currency debtors & creditors at the year end

Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 7 years ago

At each financial year end companies must restate any "monetary" currency balances at the then current rate of exchange.

ClearBooks already enables this revaluation for foreign currency bank accounts, automatically writing off any exchange difference, but does not do the same for unpaid invoices or bills (trade debtors/creditors).

This means that we have to manually calculate the difference and put through say extra invoices/bills or credit notes in £s to adjust the £ balance, which looks bad for customers as they appear on their statements perhaps months after the original items. There is a "FX" write off on the invoice/bill screen "options" but this writes off the entire balance, plus it doesn't cater for an addition to the balance.

Other potential workarounds seem tortuous, but I'd be interested to know how others have handled it but, given that we already have the bank balances catered for it would be great if CB completed the hat trick, with the Revaluation & date fields appearing say on the bottom of the trade debtors/creditors reports but with the addition enabling you to adjust per currency in operation.

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