Record when purchase orders are emailed.

Idea suggested by Karen Wells 12 years ago

It would be helpful if Clearbooks recorded when I email a purchase order.  It is showing when sales invoices are sent, but not purchase orders, which can make it difficult to keep track.

It would also be useful to update the status of a PO when converted to a bill

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can we please look at implementing this idea soon? Its a great point, and surely must be easy to action?

bump, any news on this feature? must be quite easily...

Agree. Need to have an audit trail.


Hello Mike and Graeme,

This function is available.

The system will recognise the PO's which are sent to the suppliers via going to Sales > Emails > All.

This will detail the send POs and sales invoices.

The email audit log will not show up in the normal audit log but will show up on the navigation above.


Hi there Vanish.

There seems to be a reference for Email trails to be seen. How do I see this function?


Good Morning Mary,

To view the email audit trail, head to Contacts > Emails > All Emails.

All emails sent from the Clear Books account will be featured in this list.

I hope this helps.

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