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Idea suggested by Steven Griffiths 12 years ago

There should be an option to automatically attach an invoice in PDF format to an email as an alternative to having the invoice text in the body of the email with a link to the customer statement (as currently happens). This would make it very quick to email out standalone invoices when the full statement page isn't needed.

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Is it possible to possible to automatically append a pdf statement to email? Many of my customers are not fond of clicking links to statements.

Hi Roger,

With the toggle enabled (suggested by Chris above), a PDF copy of the statement is sent when sending a statement email:


However when sending an invoice, only a PDF copy of the invoice is attached.

If you don't want to include the statement link when sending either an invoice or statement email, just head to Sales>Emails>Templates, click on the Detail tab and delete the ::statement_link:: (as shown below)


Many thanks John. Is it possible to arranged for pdfs of all invoices to be automatically appended to the email together with the pdf statement? This would save me having to resend invoices each time a customer can't find one.

Hi Roger - they can just follow the link to their account and get their own copies, rather than bother you.

i agree this is definitely needed!


This has been implemented and is possible in the system. Please navigate to Settings > Organisation > Toggle Features > Invoicing and Accounting and tick the Email with attached PDF option. This will allow you to send PDF versions of your invoices instead.

Many Thanks


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