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Idea suggested by Janet Stevenson 6 years ago

Could there be a place here that we could email out the monthly statement to the contractors. It would also be a great idea to have the option of emailing or printing annual statements to them as well as we are constantly getting asked to do so by accountants and HMRC.

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Hi Paul,

The annual statements are requested regularly by external accountants for the tax returns but recently I received a request from HMRC for annual statements going back to 2009/10 for a sub contractor working for one of my clients. Fortunately because I have only just transferred this client to Clear Books I was able to comply as this is a function which exists on Tas Books, the package we were using before. It would have been an absolute nightmare to have had to do all of this from within this package. In fact as it stands I couldn't have complied at all without spending a very long time and costing my clients a large amount of money doing this.

Hi Janet - that's interesting.

EOY returns were required for CIS up to 5 April 2013 which would have covered 4 years of your case, but were no longer required after that as the monthly returns take over. In such a case therefore I can see why an annual statement would be useful but as they are not required by law, we'll have to see how many other feel this would be a good enhancement.

All the best

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