Batch Entry of sales and purchase invoices

Idea suggested by Robert Albert 12 years ago


I tend to use the batch entry system for both sales and purchase invoices for clients to save me some time.

the problem i have is VAT. Not every time the amount is exactly what clearbooks calculates it to be and as a result I have to work through all the invoices and make sure the VAT is correct. this difference usually is only a couple pence but I was wondering if you could add a column so that the VAT amount can be entered manually.



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Hi Robert, Developers and Community. I have recently started using batch processing as I find individual entry woefully slow. I have exactly the same problem as Robert. My most recent batch had a 50% error rate.

We really do NEED a column on screen that:

  1. shows the amount of vat calculated
  2. allows on screen correction

This a basic fundamental feature of previous software I have used and a bit of a deal breaker for me regarding Clearbooks.

Further, please can you increase the width of the batch input screen? I can see that the full screen on my laptop is not filled by the display so hope that this can be accommodated. Again, it is timer consuming, having to scroll across to input the project. I think you can give consideration to the column width, eg, I am sure the contact column could be made much more narrow, as for example the description column. This would also create space for the much needed VAT column.

Come on community. Robert and I can't be the only ones having a problem. As you know Clearbooks will prioritise work based on the number of users flagging up a problem so please make your voice heard if you :

don't use batch entry due to the lack of a VAT field on screen are wasting time checking through unpaid bills to verify the vat calculation that you weren't able to see

thanks Rosemary

Hi Robert and Rosemary,

Indeed a very great suggestion. I can see that this could save a lot of time and mistakes. Thank you for providing us with so many details about the problem and possible solutions. This will makes it easier for us to implement the tool once we receive more likes on this idea!

Regards, Simone

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