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Idea suggested by Tony Crundell 9 years ago

Have a setting to auto send statements to customers with overdue balances e.g. at month end

at present this feature exists for individual invoices only, a monthly statement is more official

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass it on to the Development Team to review for future implementation. They are currently working on some important, system improvements which take priority but hopefully it will be something they take into consideration once this work has been completed. It would be great to have this option for monthly statements.

All the best,


This would be great. The whole 'auto-send' feature is great but could do with being expanded upon to make it really realy useful. If it was though i'd like to see the option for auto emails to fall into an approval queue before being released. The CRM we use does this and it's an absolute godsend!

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