Credit notes don't appear in the list of unpaid items

Idea suggested by Ros Northmore 6 years ago

It is very unhelpful that unallocated credit notes do not appear in the list of unpaid items, particularly for purchases. Because of the cackhanded way that you have to go into an invoice to apply credit notes I think that its important that they DO appear in the list.

I have several clients who have 'proper' supplier accounts with many invoices every month and need to be able to easily check the unpaid balance on Clear Books against statements.

I am now suggesting that they avoid credit notes and create a minus invoice instead, which is given a PRF reference (for purchase refund). These do appear in the unpaid list and also appear in the invoice list in the bank explain screen for easier allocation of payments.

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Hi Ros - you're right they should appear on the unpaid list, so it gets my vote.

I have to say however that most of my clients use the aged debt report which does reflect them, and I also tell them to allocate the credit note as soon as they are created.

Again however, I agree, not being able to do this from the credit note screen can be a pain, especially if you have loads of them.

Thanks for the suggestion Ros,

We still need a better way of dealing with credit notes when followed up with a refund. Just something to keep in mind - creating the credit note as a negative invoice is perfectly fine if you are expecting the refund, however, negative invoices do not behave in the same way as a credit note i.e they cannot be allocated to unpaid invoices.

Thanks for your replies.

I'm hopeful that in most cases, the unpaid minus invoice amount together with the unpaid invoices will match a large single payment in the bank.

In the odd case where I do need to allocate it against an unpaid invoice I think I will use Quick pay to do a matching dummy payment and receipt to clear them up.

HI Ros

Definitely agree with this.

Oh and watch out for negative sales and purchases - we use them quite regularly but once paid the journals from VAT cash control to VAT control go the wrong way - so if you're fairly anal like me and actually like the VAT control to balance each quarter it wont until you manually change all the entries!

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