Allocation bank transactions (Paid Invoices)

Idea suggested by Dave Gibbs 7 years ago

CB, a useful feature would be that during allocating imported or created bank transactions you are able to select multiple invoices before adding the transactions.

our company in particular raise several weekly invoices to each client, the client will then release a payment for say 15 invoices 30 days from month end, when then allocating the payment of these invoices from the imported bank transactions we then have to select each invoice paid, wait for the screen to sync and pull the invoice down to the transactions section and the select the next one.

I am sure others can relate and agree on this one, as allocating lots invoices against 1 transaction with the current method Is as bad as watching paint dry, we would love to be able to select multiple invoices and just allocate then by clicking one button, if everything selected then doesn't total the amount paid then re-sink back to the list of invoices raised to allow the user to select more invoices that relate to that transaction.


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Hi Dave,

This is actually a very common request and has been upvoted by many users in the past. This suggestion definitely has high priority and should be approved soon. I will update you as soon as I hear something.



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