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Idea suggested by Dave Gibbs 7 years ago

CB a useful addition of information to sales & purchase invoices would be that when looking at the list of all sales invoices raised you have a column and total for each of the following;

Net CIS VAT Total

this would then save having to open each invoice to see the Net figure and the Vat value, and all of this could be done from an overview perspective.

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sorry and also a 4th column that shows the amount due against each invoice, so you would have

Net, CIS, Vat, Total (formerly original, Due, LAte, Overdue amount.

Hi again,

Thank you for all these great ideas Dave! As I am aware, this suggestion again, has been raised in the past, I will include the column headings that haven't been suggested in our existing task to ensure that all heading requests are looked into. I will update you as soon as a decision has been made.



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