total of due invoices to be accurate

Idea suggested by Dave Gibbs 7 years ago

CB, it would be much help if when totaling up invoices in the sales>invoices section that the due amount at the bottom was the physical amount due as of that point in time not the value of all invoices raised less any payment made as a majority of these technically are not due if they have not yet exceeded the due date, there should be 3x values when looking at the total of unpaid invoices or all invoices;

over due (being that they have exceeded the due date) Original (total amount of all invoices raised) Due (being the amount due if any invoices have a part payment against them)

it would also be helpful if there was a column for the overdue amounts so its quick and easy to see an overdue amount and which invoices are over due

I hope this one makes sense as I found this quite hard to explain

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Hi Dave - I find the Aged debtor report is best for this sort of information.

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