Recurring invoice with incremental expiry date in description

Idea suggested by Ben Durman 4 years ago

I use the recurring invoices for web hosting and domain renewals but there's no way to add an expiry date to the description. Rather than just writing 'Domain renewal - 1 year', it would be great to be able to write 'Domain renewal - 20/06/2019' and then when the next invoice is generated, it says 'Domain renewal - 20/06/2020' and so on. I wondered if ew could have a shortcode to put into the description field.... something like:

Domain renewal - 20/06/[mode=incrementaldate increment=12 start=2018] Domain renewal - 20/06/[mode=incrementaldate increment=12 start=2018]

Another way would be to add a product to the invoice with a start date and a renewal term so that the expiry would be automatically calculated and added to the invoice.

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Hi Ben,

This does sound interesting, I can forward this suggestion onto our developers but I am unsure as to how difficult this may be so I cannot guarantee that this will be implemented, however, it is worth pushing forward.

We appreciate your suggestion!


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