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Idea suggested by Paul Bailey 5 years ago

There are a lot of new "Challenger" banks coming on line. I'm currently trialling and it rocks. They seamlessly connect to Xero accounting software. Any chance you guys can link up with them too? Starling bank, another challenger bank, is also bringing out their own business account soon, so having them onboard too would be amazing.

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HI Paul,

I have logged your request in our project management software - I have also forwarded this to our management team as they are currently considering all integrations at the moment. I'll let you know if there is any progress on this in future.

Any news on this. I'm interested in jumping from the 'big bank' ship but to do so would currently mean finding an alternative to clearbooks like Xero who seem to have better integration across the board. An update would be good.

Hi Sam,

Although this area relating to integrations is of great interest to Clear Books this is not a current priority, currently being in the middle of two large projects at present.

It is encouraging that it would seem that there is definitely a demand for this form of integration and with continued interest, I am confident this is likely to climb the ranks of development ideas.

All development advancements will be communicated via our blog and newsletter.

Hi, I am a 5 year Clearbooks user. And also a shareholder. I'd like to believe in Clearbooks.

I am however considering jumping ship for Xero (despite the extra cost) because of their improved Bank integration (Tide and Transferwise - and no, I cannot get Yodlee to work for me in Clearbooks.)

Also the currency setup in Clearbooks does not work to allow me to rebill in other currencies - it's basically a bug that hasn't been fixed for 5 years. Despite plenty of feedback nothing doing.

Xero costs a load of extra money, and I would like to stay with Clearbooks, but not if they move at this pace... The bank integration seems like a really simple thing.

This might be one of my last posts here...


Hi Toby,

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience!

Yodlee do currently support Transferwise, I am happy to give you a call to walk you through if you can send in your number to contact support. Also, Yodlee do not currently support Tide as they are app-based in which I believe Yodlee's webscraping technology is not compatible with.

With regards to recharging costs in a different currency, at current, we have decided to allow users to change the currency but will also have to change the gross amount to the respective currency equivalent just so that users' have more flexibility in the exchange rate they wish to use. This will help avoid expectations of feature behaviour and we have to be very careful with making any changes that could affect current users.

We do have big things on the horizon - we are currently developing a mobile app with OCR technology that will allow you to take pictures/ scan receipts which will then pull them through into your Clear Books account. I cannot give you an exact time frame, but this should be released very soon!

Also, we really appreciate your long lasting support over the years and really hope we can see through this journey together!


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