Ability to view past RTI submission data

Idea suggested by Adrian Clay 10 years ago

It would be useful to view past FPS/EPS submission data.

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Is anything likely to be done about this?

Yes, very very very useful!!!

Hi All,

This has been implemented.

This can be accessed via Payroll > RTI > Submissions.

Thanks, Theo

i can see the date an EPS submission was made, but where can i see the amount?

According to HMRC I have apparently overpaid on EPS but I can't see where.

Hi Gordon,

You can see this from under Payroll > RTI > Submissions. Then click the success link next to the submission in question.

All the best,


Hi Gordon,

If you contact our support we can also provide you with the figures that were submitted on your EPS.

All the best,


I'm not sure this is really implemented, as I can't see for example what (if any) nothing to report months have been declared. In the example below there is no information at all about why the EPS was submitted and what was in it:

This EPS submission was submitted on 2020-09-27 15:57:50 with Correlation ID FD0ABCDEE41234D38C005BCDB24E7214.

HMRC has received the HMRC-PAYE-RTI-EPS document ref: XXX/AB12345 at 14.57 on 27/09/2020. The associated IRmark was: ABCDE2QRS4U6WD6PPTCT4EVCDUSYL7GV. We strongly recommend that you keep this receipt electronically, and we advise that you also keep your submission electronically for your records. They are evidence of the information that you submitted to HMRC.

I can see in your receipt text you advise that I keep my submission electronically, but doesn't suggest how to do this. Do I need to literally print the screen to pdf before submitting? Does Clearbooks not store the submission, only the receipt? To be pedantic, a screen print before submitting isn't really evidence of what I did submit, as it can't refer to the receipt details because they don't exist yet.

Hi Stephen,

Apologies, it is not possible to view the EPS submitted figures at the moment. If you require the EPS figures submitted in the case that HMRC are disputing the figures, you can contact support and we will be able to give a copy of this.

I will also raise this with our Product team to see if we can implement the ability to view the EPS submitted figures.



Thanks Tommy, it's not just figures on an EPS though, users need to see which boxes were ticked or months chosen etc. That's probably what you meant, but just wanted to make sure. There's more on an EPS than statutory payment details.

No problem, and yes, the data will store which checkboxes were ticked.


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