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Data Retention Periods (GDPR Stuff)

Idea suggested by Andy Gambles 2 years ago

It would be useful to be able to specify a data retention period to help ensure we are not holding data for a period of time longer than necessary.

For example I could specify transactions older than 7 years be deleted (to maintain 6 years worth of records).

Alternatively whole years would be part of the retention period. For example I might specify delete annual reporting periods more than 6 years old.

Essentially for HMRC we need to keep current annual period + 6 previous annual periods.

Beyond that data could be removed.

Also the ability to filter customers based on last transaction date or with zero transactions so they can also be deleted.

2 Replies

Afternoon Gents,

Your concerns have been acknowledged. A more sophisticated method of contact management is being considered by our development team to assist with client data protection compliance.

Identifying these clients is now easier with the recent update to the Contact report, now including "Date created" & "Last transaction date" fields. https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/news/21775/improvement-contact-report-now-includes-date-created-last-transaction-date-fields

As more information becomes available I will be sure to update you.

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