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Idea suggested by Mohamed Aly 12 years ago

It will be extremely useful for business who hire contractors and freelance staff to use the time tracking tool to enable the contractor to submit a timesheet and bill the business for it, which can be then recharged to a client.

I thought this is the case but when I tried to use it as such it didn't work.

in general I'd would say this tool seems to be very underdeveloped and has been as such for quite a long time. it's a shame!

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I've had a good play around this and I think all it needs is:
1) enabling suppliers in addition to employees - so a contractor can find their name and record their time
2) enabling generate a bill per contractor - in addition to invoices
3) would be useful to have a rate for billing and a different rate for invoicing
4) as suggested by another user to have a rate specific to each employee/contractor as opposed to each tasks (or both)

I'm currently exploring http://www.officetimer.com/ some features are worth adopting such as timesheet approval and notification.

Hi Mohamed,

It might be worth checking out http://staffguardian.com as a good way to track contractors and employees. Automated mileage claims, time spent on-site etc.

Thanks Michael, very useful link. I have checked tools such www.weworked.com, http://traxmo.com & http://www.nutcache.com/web - the latter is completely free but each system has it's pros/cons in addition to having to use a separate invoicing and project set up system etc. I think Clearbooks tool has a great potential for perhaps working even better than any tool I've seen with very little improvements.

We had the same problem and didn't find a satisfying solution.

So we started building our own: ScreenAware. For now it's "just" time tracking. We will add connections to billing services soon and maybe in the future even offer our own billing service.

The idea is that once you have set it up (which won't take long), it will track your time and automatically assign it to your projects. So you don't ever have to hit start/stop buttons or fill in time sheets at the end of the day or week. You just work.

With the automatic tracking and project recognition, ScreenAware is able to report the time worked on a project with much more accuracy. It won't ever forget to hist start, it won't ever estimate when you began a task or ended it. And it will track all work for your projects, including writing emails, billing, meetings and so on.

The basic technology for tracking screen time is already done. Right now we just need to tweak a bit the project recognition and improve our dashboard/report frontend.

For that we're looking for beta users that will help us to figure out what's the right thing to build. After all, we don't want to have a solution just for us - we want a solution for a lot of people (and earn some money in the process :) ).

If you are interested in joining the beta program, just send me a message or sign up at https://app.screenaware.com/#/welcome and start tracking your time automatically.



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