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Also create a report which lists each CIS customer and shows Gross, Nett, VAT and CIS suffered between a selected PAID date range

Hi Janine and Jodie,

Thanks for your wonderful suggestion, now we'll be monitoring this post from time to time to view the number of votes it receives and based on this number, this will determine the level of priority the idea is given by our development team in terms of being implemented.

I hope that this is helpful, we will update you on this thread once this feature has been implemented.

All the best,


I believe the former is now available but Jodie's post from yesterday is bang on the money - it's a fundamental part of running a CIS scheme so should be available as standard.

Hi Ade

Just out of interest, how do you handle CIS deductions suffered at present?

Definitely needed for those that work in the construction industry

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