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Idea suggested by Andrew Mitchell 4 years ago

I have just started using sales invoice import and it works really well. We have a couple of different sets of data that we import for invoices and the mappings can't be the same. It would be great if I could select a map to apply to the csv; so the ability to save multiple mappings.

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Hi Andrew,

We really appreciate this suggestion! I have passed this onto our Product team for future review. At current, our Product Roadmap is at full capacity.



I still have this requirement. I guess I am the only one! I don't suppose it is in the roadmap? :-|

Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately, it was not added on the Roadmap but I have pushed this to our Product team who will review this.

I will update you as soon as I have more information!


It would be so helpful to me. We export from Salesforce and we invoice Consulting Orders (like if you were to charge me for this improvement) and Cases when we bill for Support (we don't offer support contracts). We invoice multiple cases on one Clearbooks Invoice like a monthly support bill, but our Consultancy is one invoice per Order. This is why the mappings have to be different. Importing invoices has saved me loads of time but clearing and rebuilding the mapping every month introduces quite a lot of risk to the process.

I am not holding my breath for this change but, as a long time user (and a very small shareholder) I would really appreciate it.

Hi Andrew,

I understand, we also did have a few Developers backing this so hopefully this could be implemented sooner rather than later, but ultimately, would be up to the Product team.

I shall keep you updated!


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