Need REST/SOAP API for Timesheets

Idea suggested by Michael Martin 3 years ago

Having to extract timesheets from Clearbooks into CSV, import them into Excel and other systems can be quite a tedious.

For some clients I'd prefer a read-only portal that my clients can login to to see my timesheets. Where the client wants me to submit timesheets in their own excel spreadsheets, I'd prefer to script up something that queries Clearbook's API, retrieves the time sheet entries and puts them in an Excel doc.

As such I would like to request that Clearbooks provides an API to retrieve Timesheets. I'd prefer a REST API but would accept a SOAP API too.

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Hi Michael,

We do have an API that you can find at This is a SOAP API. But unfortunately, this does not support time sheets.

All the best,


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