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Idea suggested by Nikolaos Wakem 3 years ago

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1) be able to do tax tax returns more easily with a screen that more or less matches HMRC data entry form. 2) be able to book company tax more easily

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Hi Nikolaos,

I really appreciate the feedback and have passed this onto our Management team.

I have taken a look, as you are on the 2-yearly plan, we had previously increased price by £2 to the monthly subscription price each year in the last 2 years which has resulted in a 18% price increase for you (avg 9% per year). Over the last year we have delivered a number of improvements to make it even quicker and easier for you to handle your business admin.

Our key updates:

  • Ensuring continued support for domestic and international VAT handling following the UK leaving the European Union
  • Bill payments integrated within Clear Books (enabled via Revolut draft payments)
  • Mobile app enhancements, including supporting VAT domestic reverse charge and fixed assets on flat rate scheme
  • Cash flow insights
  • Easily search for finance via Capitalise

We will continue to deliver improvements to the software with the next big item on our Product Roadmap being MTD ITSA.


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