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For emailing remittance to suppliers there are few options in the email template that enable supplying information that is really helpful to the supplier. Currently (unless I'm wrong) only the information available is invoice amount and invoice amount unpaid. Or a link to the Clearbooks branded HMTL statement which isn't really helpful, although the information can be found on this.

Ideally there would be available at a minimum:

-last payment date -last payment amount -amount allocated to this invoice -list of amounts / dates where multiple payments have been made

But really exposing other fields related to the invoice would be good, given we're in a template world they can just be ignored by users if not useful.

Reading the forum for 'Ideas' I'm not holding my breath on this one. Hopefully I'm wrong.


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9 months on from this - any response please?

Hi Nick,

In this case, if you head to Contacts > Emails > Email templates > You can include the placeholder ::invoice_html_link::, this will include a HTML link of the invoice which will show the payment history including the amount and payment date.


Hi Tommy, Thanks for the reply. We had clocked that as a potential work around, but sadly it's a little clumsy. We have found remitting a payment rather than in the invoice itself is a little closer to what I described originally. But the data that uses doesn't appear to be available to other templates. In fact the only entry in the template for 'Customer payment remittance' is the title header everything else is automatically filled in with no control. Is there anything on the road map for improving templating? thanks,

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