Delete Bank Feed Imports Once Explained

Idea suggested by Geoff Meads 2 years ago

I moved over to auto bank feed a week or so ago. Now, once explained, an import is no longer shown. That's great and as per a manual import. However, the next time the feed updates and a new import is made it simple adds on to the last one and shows them together as one larger import. This means the number of transactions (and pages) shown for the import just keeps growing and growing. For example:

Import 1 - 24 new transactions - explain all and the import 'disappears'

Import 2 - 12 new transactions - old import reappears and shows as 36 transactions with 24 explained

Over time this will become a huge list with dozens of pages making to painful to navigate to find the first transactions that need explaining.

Please can an import from a bank feed properly disappear once explained to stop this?


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Hi Geoff,

I am afraid that this is not possible. We group imports by month and so a new import will only appear once the month has changed. The first import is simply everything that is imported up to that calendar month.

All the best,


Thanks for the speedy response. If it clears every month then I can deal with that :-)

Hi Geoff,

Just had another thought, there is an option to "hide explained" at the top of statements that you can use too. I believe this might help.

All the best,


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