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Idea suggested by Stephen Knight 9 years ago


We really, really need to be able to batch email customer statements, all in one go as we have a lot of customers now and it is very time consuming to go to each one and email a statement.

Also it would be great if this is done if there could then be an option to email a statement automatically at the end/beginning of every month.


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Please Clearbooks can you implement this ASAP. We have 6 accounts with you and on those probably nearly 1,000 customers, so printing statements isn't an option as it would cost us too much in print and postage. So you can imagine what a big job it is to send out statements, therefore it doesn't get done often enough so money isn't coming in often enough!!

Thank you


Hello Carole,

I have put this on our internal spreadsheet for the development team to look into. It has 6 likes so I am hoping they will put this into consideration.


Thank you Vanish. It's a job I keep putting off as it takes me too long, but that's not good for cashflow as people often need reminding to pay!


No problems.

Hopefully we can implement it soon for you and other end users.


Hi Vanish

Any more progress with this at all?



Hi Carole,

This hasn't been implemented as yet and at the moment we are not sure when we will be able to roll it out as our team are working on a number of issues at the moment. We will let you know just as soon as we are able to offer this. However, in the meantime, if this is a feature you really would like to see added, you can put it forward as a CAD feature and have it pushed up the list




Could you provide more details on your workflow?

I can only assume that you'd like to select the relevant customers somehow, then simply email a statement to all those selected. Is that correct?

Thanks, Roey

Hi Roey sorry I didn't see this comment ages ago! Yes we would like the option to either email statements to all customers, without having to go into each or to select relevant customers, or even to automate it at the end/beginning of each month somehow. Just a way to get emailed statements to customers without having to go into each customer individually to do it, as we have lots and lots and it takes ages!




So your need is basically to email all customers (that is, those who aren't archived), either with one click or, at a specific date of the month.

Is that correct?

Hi there, I see that this has been introduced now which is great, but it would be good to have the option to either email all customers or choose which ones if you don't want to send to all. It would also be great to be able to automate it so you can send statements on a specific date each month. Thank you, we are getting there and it's brilliant! Carole

Can I just add that currently you can only send statements using this method to customers with verified email addresses. None of my customers have verified email addresses. All email address have already been verified via our own web app that uses the Clearbooks API.

The only way I can email my customers a statement is individually by clicking on the 'email statement' button on the customer's overview page, followed by the send button on the following page. I spend ages going through each customer at the beginning of the month doing this for each one.

However, all I am doing is preforming the same action that should be altermated by the other 'Email All' button function.

Also what happens if my customer never verifies their email address? A statement using the 'Email All' button is never emailed to them.

With statements being such a big part of achieving good cash flow it is disappointing to see hurdles being put in your way of sending them.

I do like Clearbooks but I am reluctant to recommend this to others simply because of this issue.


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