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Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 8 years ago

Hi - have been explaining lots of credit card payments and then being provided with attachments or paper bills to attach and back them up, to find that the VAT treatment chosen on the explanation was wrong, but it then takes me 10 times longer to correct it than it did to enter the original transaction...eg:

I go in to edit the PAY and find I can't change the VAT rate, and in many cases it was only 30 seconds after creating the transaction. Considering I then have to unattach the document, copy the PAY to create a bill (now with the correct VAT treatment), re-attach the document, return to the import and VOID the PAY then go back to import and re-explain the payment, now as a payment of a bill.....it's likely people are going to get frustrated.

Or maybe I'm missing something. Can you explain why VAT rates are not editable, especially during VAT periods that have yet to be closed?


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That will be a massive improvement - thank you. Look forward to the change being implemented!

yes, I've come across this problem too. Frustrating.

Hello Paul, Tina and Kris,

We will potentially be looking at making this adjustment on Clear Books.

We are hoping to make the VAT adjustable so long as the Gross amount remains the same. This will be when the invoice/bill is outside of a VAT return.

When the invoice/bill is in a return, the VAT will be locked much like it is now.


Hi all - like the original when I was a mere boy above! - this is me posting as an accountant not "staff".

By pure chance I came across a weird workaround. When entering a "PAY" transaction, ie using say manage money, or importing from a bank statement, if you fill out the invoice (bill) date on the explain screen (it's not obvious that's what it is) as different to the bank payment date, the system actually creates a PUR bill with a payment. So, if you then want to edit VAT you void it, but only void the payment, edit the bill's VAT and pay it off again.

For others discovering this I can imagine many always making the bill date a day before the payment date, thus avoiding the PAY document all together. As a by product this may also allow you to reconcile these payments with imported bank statements, PAY transactions not being reconcilable.

Hello Paul,

You will not be able to change the PAY bill as the payment associated with it will be fixed. Any changes made to the PAY will not be reflected in the banking section of Clearbooks.

To counter act this problem you are facing when looking at the attachments after creating the PAY, I would suggest you keep the attachment open on the side to look at before adding the transaction. This will save you time from having to re-edit continuously.

Hope this helps.


The VAT element of payments sometimes needs to be changed as clients have input vat incorrectly where there should be none - eg postage, insurance...Currently there is no way that the accountant can easily amend this without apparently deleting the transaction and re-entering. Overly time consuming for what should be a simple correction to a mis-posted entry.

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